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Macrame Belt

Macramé Belt JulieMacramé Belt Julie
Macramé Belt Julie
Belt Length
Macrame Belt CarolineMacrame Belt Caroline
Macrame Belt Caroline
Belt Length
Macrame Belt BarbaraMacrame Belt Barbara
Macrame Belt Barbara
Belt Length
Macrame Belt RitaMacrame Belt Rita
Macrame Belt Rita
Belt Length

Macram belt: for stylish boho accessories, succumb to Atelier Macram belts!!

To elevate an entire outfit, don't hesitate to cinch in your waist with a beautiful belt.

Moreover, to slim down your waist, there is nothing better than putting a macramatic belt; on a dress évasée for example.

Our belts go very well with many outfits and can be worn on a daily basis to tighten your pants.

We offer a panel of macram belt with different braiding that give more classic or more original styles. For the moment we offer belts with classic colors but a new collection is coming soon !

Our belts are very appreciated by our fashionistas. They pair very well with our Macrame bags; also for the perfect boho style!

Opt for a Macrame belt that will make all the difference in your outfit

Belts are very trendy this year. There is something for every taste and style. You can slice a very chic outfit with a belt a little more bohemian like the macramac belts. Indeed, a beautiful blazer jacket can go very well with a boho belt.

For your animal friends, succumb to our wonderful macramac dog collars.

We especially offer big belts that will be big très in your dressing room.

Moreover, for music festivals, boho belts are must-have accessories!