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Macrame Curtains

Macrame Pompon CurtainMacrame Pompon Curtain
Macrame Pompon Curtain
Starting at $79.90
Macrame Headboard CurtainMacrame Headboard Curtain
Macrame Headboard Curtain
Macrame Door CurtainMacrame Door Curtain
Macrame Door Curtain
$59.90 $69.90 -14%
Macrame Cotton Curtain EcruMacrame Cotton Curtain Ecru
Macrame Cotton Curtain Ecru
Macrame Bohemian CurtainMacrame Bohemian Curtain
Macrame Bohemian Curtain
Double Macrame CurtainsDouble Macrame Curtains
Double Macrame Curtains
Macramé Wedding CurtainMacramé Wedding Curtain
Macramé Wedding Curtain

A macramac curtain; for a blackout curtain, establishing a bohemian vibe in your home decor.

Whether placed in a door frame or towards a window, the Macrame curtain is a decoration that allows you to play with the light to diffuse different moods in your living space. Light and airy, the long strings will indeed let the light through, making your room a place where it will smell like the sun.

The bewitching charm of the curtain Macrame 

While the traditional curtain was opaque and aimed to make us compl&egraveve; telement de la lumière, the rideau Macrame is strongly appreciated for its ability to let light through. The long strings contrast with the light beams making a shadow appear, participating in a subdued atmosphere. This type of decoration is therefore a occultant pleasant whose veiling will be strongly appreciated on sunny days.

How are your curtains made?

The interest of our curtains macrameute; stems from a handmade weaving. The cord used is organic cotton from sustainable agriculture, part of a sustainable and responsible policy. This superior quality of textile offers you strong, odorless and gentle cotton yarns. It is also good to remind you that the eyelets are provided for you.

Which macram curtain to choose for its decoration?

You will find among our catalog several macram curtains, each with their own specificity and their own pattern of knot. To dress his window, the curtain Macrame small size seems to be the best alternative. For a door frame, a large curtain will give relief and texture à your house. The patterns can also differ. We find curtains sporting many dangling tassels that others have hexagonal patterns.

Why choose a macramac curtain?

Suspended on a rod, the macramu curtain is a decoration to separate two rooms in your home or an outdoor access. This allows you to create an area of privacy such as a reading area or a night area, placed in your bedroom.

This type of curtain is also used during the hottest periods to block out insects of all kinds and to protect yourself from the heat.

So, the macramac curtain will allow you to get as close as possible to a natural decoration bewitching, thanks to its natural materials and will allow to mark an operation between your rooms while blending in the best écoration of your home.