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Macrame Headboard

Macrame headboard NanoshMacrame headboard Nanosh
Macrame headboard Nanosh
Macrame headboard MermeyiMacrame headboard Mermeyi
Macrame headboard Mermeyi
Macrame headboard MinditsiMacrame headboard Minditsi
Macrame headboard Minditsi
Macrame headboard VadomaMacrame headboard Vadoma
Macrame headboard Vadoma

A cocooning bedroom with a Macrame Bed TĂȘ

 Looking for a soft and comfortable bed tĂȘte to dress up your wall? Macrame bed tees are the answer. Plus, succumbing to this type of bed head will ensure an original decoration that will make a difference!

Boho, California, and Chic Decoration with a Macram Bed TĂȘ

A macram bed tĂȘ allows you to make a statement with your Californian, and hippie-chic style. It's a strong piece that will catch the eye at every entrance to the room.

You can match your bed head with Atelier Macram's real-life catches.

Macram Bed Head: Strong handmade natural fiber pieces!

Atelier Macrame offers you quality handmade braces made of natural fibers often with cotton but also linen or hemp.

We also offer you a multitude of dimensions to meet your expectations.

In an ecological way, you can recycle your Macrame bed head by changing its place as by putting the braid on a large wall of your house but also to use it for a wedding ceremony for example.

Macram Bedding: fabric bedding for a soft and cocooning bedding

The natural fiber fabrics like linen and cotton of these macrams allow to give warmth to your room. So a beautiful and large bed headboard in a master bedroom is sumptuous as these works will give a masterful and pathetic look.

You can also put two small macrams as a bed headboard instead of a very large macram room.

To dress up a wall in need of personality and character, don't shy away from succumbing to a macramuteeacutee; mural g&eacutee;ant or a macramutee bed tee;. These créations will be original and warmer than a painting.

Dress your master suite with a Grand Macrame

In fact, to dress up a bedroom nicely in a warm way, put a natural fiber création above your bed! Thus, nothing better than a large Macrame acting as a bed headboard. The Macramee bed headboard will be the strong piece of your d&eacutee;coration.

Boho Bedroom or Macrame Style Bedroom with a Macrame Wall

 The m&eacute style is boho are very trendy decorations right now. In fact, these styles are coming back in fashion because they are in contrast with the cold and Scandinavian decorations that have been learned so far. The bohemian and Mediterranean décoration are warm décorations also because the materials used are often linen, cotton and wood.

Why adopt a bohemian style in a room?

For a boho decoration you will need to mix, match and bet on simplicity and natural materials.

A boho bedroom allows you to have a very warm and bright room. In fact, you can create a little cocoon of love with this style of décoration.

For a total boho look in your bedroom here are our little tips:

- Take a beautiful and large bed sheet made of natural fibers 

- Rely on a set of cocooning blankets or plaids on the bed with beautiful pillow covers.

- The boho world has one color of prevalence: white. However, a boho decoration can also be any color.

How to hang your Macramee bed head

Pierce a wall

The weight of the Macramee wall acting as bed head, is quite significant. Thus, it is ready to drill a hole in the wall and put a strong fastener.

Hook Ă  adhesive tape

It is possible to find commercially available adhesive hooks capable of supporting a certain weight. This technique avoids drilling into walls.

For more details, we have a blog post on how to hang a macramac.