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Macrame Table Runner

Macrame Lace Table RunnerMacrame Lace Table Runner
Macrame Lace Table Runner
Vintage Lace Macrame Table RunnerVintage Lace Macrame Table Runner
Vintage Lace Macrame Table Runner
Macramé Beige Wedding Table RunnerMacramé Beige Wedding Table Runner
Macramé Beige Wedding Table Runner
Starting at $64.90
Macramé Beige Linen Table RunnerMacramé Beige Linen Table Runner
Macramé Beige Linen Table Runner
Black Macrame Table RunnerBlack Macrame Table Runner
Black Macrame Table Runner
Starting at $14.90
Macrame Wedding Table RunnerMacrame Wedding Table Runner
Macrame Wedding Table Runner
Starting at $64.90
Beige Lace Macrame Table RunnerBeige Lace Macrame Table Runner
Beige Lace Macrame Table Runner
Starting at $14.90
Jute and Lace Table RunnerJute and Lace Table Runner
Jute and Lace Table Runner
Starting at $25.90
White Macrame Table RunnerWhite Macrame Table Runner
White Macrame Table Runner
Jute Canvas and Lace Table Runner for WeddingsJute Canvas and Lace Table Runner for Weddings
Jute Canvas and Lace Table Runner for Weddings
Grey Jute Fabric Table RunnerGrey Jute Fabric Table Runner
Grey Jute Fabric Table Runner
Starting at $9.90
Vintage Jute Canvas Table RunnerVintage Jute Canvas Table Runner
Vintage Jute Canvas Table Runner
Starting at $16.90
Natural Jute Table RunnerNatural Jute Table Runner
Natural Jute Table Runner
Starting at $14.90

The macram&eacute table runner; : the table runner dressing his tablecloth with a boho style

Whether for a wedding, an anniversary, or simply to embellish his decoration, the macram table runner; is a charming accessory generally used in festive period, when we welcome his entourage for a friendly moment. According to its origins, we should this table cloth à a Venetian deaconess, who had the idea to add this piece of fabric à her tablecloth, because she considered her décoration as too poor.  

Removed to the taste of the day, the Macrame knew how to take advantage of this decorative piece by bogging it down with a boho style, increasingly appreciated by individuals in search of freedom and lightness in their home.

Why buy a macramac table runner?

Finished with the supermarket's no-nonsense table runners, the macramac table runner is often prized for its ability to create a sense of authenticity in one's kitchen. Indeed, its natural materials can give us the impression that the object was brought back from a trip to the seaside, making your room a place where it will smell like the sun. Accompanied by a placemat, pretty napkins and appropriate dinnerware, it will add texture to your decoration or a warm atmosphere will be in order.

Which Macrame table runner to choose?

You will find different types of Macrame table runner among our catalog. Different materials are available to you with cotton, jute or lace table runners. Generally, the lace is one of the most popular products for events such as weddings or baptisms. To contrast with the traditional white tablecloth, it is also possible for you to leave on a black table runner.

The sch&eacute mas of knots are also different from each other according to the knot pattern having been made by our craftsmen.

How are your table runners made?

The integrity of our table runners is hand-woven using organic cotton rope, sustainably grown. The ropes are knitted together carefully to guarantee a strong knot. In addition, this superior textile quality ensures that the cotton threads will not fray over time.

I would like to wash my table runner, what should I do?

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find that your table linen is stained following a good meal. To clean it, you will simply rub the textile lightly with warm water accompanied by the appropriate detergent. The accessory can also be washed in the machine without the slightest risk to string, provided that the preset temperature is respected.