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Macrame Basket

Hanging basket ThessaHanging basket Thessa
Hanging basket Thessa
Macramé Basket MadeeMacramé Basket Madee
Macramé Basket Madee
Macramé Basket MezaMacramé Basket Meza
Macramé Basket Meza
Starting at $34.99
Macrame basket NadyaMacrame basket Nadya
Macrame basket Nadya
Starting at $24.99
Macrame basket BetiMacrame basket Beti
Macrame basket Beti
Starting at $24.99
Macramé basket AydenMacramé basket Ayden
Macramé basket Ayden
Starting at $40.99
Macrame basket TshilabaMacrame basket Tshilaba
Macrame basket Tshilaba

The Macrame basket: the best friend of your flower pots or the trendy boho fashion accessory.

The wicker basket is not new! And for good reason, its appearance can be traced back to 8,000 BC. However, this type of accessory ages very well. We use it to do our shopping or to dress up his outfit during a walk.

Today, the wicker basket is revived and is increasingly used as a decorative object. That's where macramute; comes in! More texture, more charm, and more lightness. Its cotton strings knotted together form long strings or small poms to give a warm atmosphere Ă  its living space.

How are your macramaw baskets made?

The integrity of our Macrame baskets are handcrafted following a braiding of the wicker ropes. As for the cord, it is made of organic cotton from sustainable agriculture that respects the environment. This superior quality of textile will offer you a resistant cotton, which does not dye or fray over the long term.The handle is also resistant and will be able to support your personal belongings without any problems (Be careful not to carry weights :) ).

How to best marry its macram basket Ă  its home?

For a interior bohéme see urban jungle, the panier Macrame blends perfectly à an interior plant. The "green" aspect of the plant participates à a natural atmosphere or léreté and zeacute;nitude will be maîtres word of your décoration. Only attention, the location of your macramac basket will have to be carefully chosen if it is accompanied by a plant, or a flower, in order to offer the latter the best possible environment.

A fashion accessory, symbol of freedom :

Although this type of accessory is usually used to embellish one's clothes, the basket can of course always be used to accompany one's clothing. You will find among our catalog of baskets in different colors allowing you to find your happiness.

All of our baskets have a large content. Idéal for a walk or a picnic.