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Macrame Rainbow

Macramé rainbow MadisonMacramé rainbow Madison
Macramé rainbow Madison
Macramé rainbow GrauniMacramé rainbow Grauni
Macramé rainbow Grauni
Macrame rainbow ChavaliMacrame rainbow Chavali
Macrame rainbow Chavali
Macrame Rainbow FloricaMacrame Rainbow Florica
Macrame Rainbow Florica
Macrame Rainbow RawnieMacrame Rainbow Rawnie
Macrame Rainbow Rawnie
Macramé Rainbow JoyMacramé Rainbow Joy
Macramé Rainbow Joy
Macrame Rainbow AlaminaMacrame Rainbow Alamina
Macrame Rainbow Alamina

A macramatic rainbow for a boho vibe in one's home.

A Macrame in the shape of a rainbow is undoubtedly the ideal wall decoration to add a touch of color to your wall sections in an elegant and poetic way. Based on a slow shopping concept, the materials used for this type of creation are wool and cotton. These materials are all co-durable, of superior quality in order to offer you a unique wall hanging that respects the planet.

Where to hang my macramac rainbow?

This type of carpeting can be hung anywhere thanks to its easy-to-use wire hanging system, as long as you can hammer a small nail into the desired surface. Generally, this type of macramic decoration is found in a child's room as a bed headboard because the rainbow shape creates a festive and poetic atmosphere in the room that they appreciate a lot.

What colors should I choose for my macramu rainbow; boho style?

Depending on the style of decoration you are going for, the color of the macramu fabric can be the element that makes the difference. If you are looking for a decoration for your child, warm colors such as red, or brown can be a good alternative in order to have a happy atmosphere in the room. Gold can also be a good idea for a poetic and festive side.

The weaving technique for this Macrame rainbow

Our Macrame rainbows are made from a very special weaving technique. The rope is first woven, knitted and then joined with four other ropes using a double knot to join them together securely. The five rows of cord sporting two cotton bangs, cut with a chisel to preserve the geometric side of the cord. The fringes or tassels allow you to give a little texture and relief to your wall sections.

How do I maintain the cordage on my déco?

If you want to maintain your macramatic rainbow;, you will only have to wipe it lightly with a dry cloth or remove the dust with a hair dryer. You can also clean this decoration item with warm water, by hand. Machine washing is not recommended.