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Macrame Garland

đŸ§”Mirena macramĂ© garlandđŸ§”Mirena macramĂ© garland
Mirena macramé garland
đŸ§”Indra macramĂ© garlandđŸ§”Indra macramĂ© garland
Indra macramé garland
đŸ§”Rupa macramĂ© garlandđŸ§”Rupa macramĂ© garland
Rupa macramé garland
Starting at $26.00
đŸ§”Macrame garland ZaleđŸ§”Macrame garland Zale
Macrame garland Zale

Macram garland; for a bohemian and "Instagrammable" bedroom decoration

Find our macram garlands in all colors, shapes, and sizes so you can fulfill all of your decoration ideas.

You can put the garlands on a wall, on your bedheads, on a piece of furniture or even around a pot. In a cold décor, a small touch of fabric décoration can make the room much warmer.

The décoration is done with the détails, so, to add a small garland can change the whole style of the room.

Macram garlands are very trendy especially with social networks so don't hesitate to look at our whole collection.

Take a trip with a boho-chic décoration with the Macram Garland;

Atelier Macram garlands are made of natural fibers like cotton or linen. Thus, our garlands are recyclable and reusable infinitely.

For larger pieces do not hesitate to take several garlands.

For more small macramaw details, don't hesitate to succumb to the macramaw baskets in our store.