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Macrame Mirror & Frame

Macrame Mandala MirrorMacrame Mandala Mirror
Macrame Mandala Mirror
Small Macrame MirrorSmall Macrame Mirror
Small Macrame Mirror
Starting at $29.90
Macrame Sun MirrorMacrame Sun Mirror
Macrame Sun Mirror
Feather Macrame MirrorFeather Macrame Mirror
Feather Macrame Mirror
Macrame Wall MirrorMacrame Wall Mirror
Macrame Wall Mirror
Miroir rond macramé floraleMacrame Round Mirror
Macrame Round Mirror
$35.90 $39.99 -10%
Mirror with MacrameMirror with Macrame
Mirror with Macrame
White Macrame MirrorWhite Macrame Mirror
White Macrame Mirror
Starting at $29.90

All about our Macrame mirrors: the must-have wall decoration!

It's rare not to find a mirror in a interior decoration. Indeed, the mirror is practical, aesthetically pleasing and helps to give depth to a room. For a boho or Nordic decoration with Scandinavian style, the Macrame comes into play!

&Since the Macrame is a creative hobby offering us many possibilities, you will find on our catalog of Macrame mirrors as different from each other.

The making of our Macrame mirrors:

The integrity of our Macrame mirrors are made with 100% natural organic cotton rope. The different patterns on the frames are the result of handmade knotting and the rope weave is tightly woven so that the threads do not loosen or fray.

An original creation:

Let's leave behind the basic, no-nonsense mirrors of the supermarket and opt for a unique, deeacute, corative pieces braided specifically for you! All of our mirrors are the result of unique craftsmanship, and it shows in these household decorations!

How best to match your macramaw mirror in your home?

It is true that the Macrame mirror leaves many people struggling to marry it best in his living space. You have to find the location, the color so that the mirror does not stain on the wall panel and the material, which must be in line with the interior's textural code.

Generally, cotton blends in with all types of decoration. It allows for a touch of lightness and its velvety texture gives it a cozy feel.

You will find among our catalog mirrors colored as a pink or red mirror. You will find mirrors macramatic in several different forms such as a mirror macrametric or sun-shaped. Finally, for more detail and personalization, you will find XXL mirrors with long strings and mirrors with feathers.

How to hang your mirror to combine aesthetics and practicality?

I won't risk teaching you that the mirror is most often used before leaving home or during a makeup session. Thus, the mirror will easily find its place in a bathroom or in a hallway. Note that the ropes used in the design of this charming decoration can withstand a humid climate.