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Macrame Pacifier Clip

Macramé Nipple Tie AmoryMacramé Nipple Tie Amory
Macramé Nipple Tie Amory
Macramé Pacifier clip HortenceMacramé Pacifier clip Hortence
Macramé Pacifier clip Hortence

The Macrame pacifier attachment: a pledge of cleanliness for your baby.

The tine fastener, or pacifier, or toddler, is the ideal baby accessory to give your baby an impeccable oral hygiene. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see a toddler drop it before putting it back in his mouth immediately, often after a fit of big tears. Thanks to this little accessory, your little one will no longer lose his pacifier and the pacifier clip will very quickly become his favorite ally.

Great for the macram, the pacifier clip will be seen to bring a grain of charm to your child's outfit with its soft and radiant pastel colors.

How are your Macrame teddy ties made?

Our Macrame teddy lollipop ties are handmade following a meticulous weaving, cotton cord base. The cotton is organic and sustainably farmed free of chemicals. Your bébé to therefore mâchouiller the rope without any risk. 

How to clean cotton threads? 

It is true that the cotton rope can become dirty over time as a result of the slime left on it. However, you will only need to wash it in warm water. No washing with products.