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Macrame Placemats

Macramé Bicolor PlacematsMacramé Bicolor Placemats
Macramé Bicolor Placemats
Set de Table Macramé RougeMacramé Color Placemats
Macramé Color Placemats
Macrame Heart PlacematMacrame Heart Placemat
Macrame Heart Placemat
Macramé Fringe PlacematMacramé Fringe Placemat
Macramé Fringe Placemat
Bohemian Macrame PlacematsBohemian Macrame Placemats
Bohemian Macrame Placemats
Round Macrame PlacematsRound Macrame Placemats
Round Macrame Placemats
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Macramé Feather PlacematMacramé Feather Placemat
Macramé Feather Placemat

A Macrame placemat; : the accessory that will make the difference in your décoration making the pleasure of your guests.

If you are concerned about offering a charming table decoration to your guests, on a special occasion or simply during a meal, the placemat is a accessory that is perceptible as the will to please. Accompanied by a pretty tablecloth and pretty dishes, the placemat will provide contrast on the table, enriching your decoration.

Why choose a Macrame placemat?

Crafted from natural materials, the Macramee table set is prized for the texture it conveys to the table and the atmosphere it creates. Often forgotten, it is the little detail that makes the difference. Designed like a coaster, it will also be able to support many charms such as a green plant, a candle. The macram placemat is therefore ideal to dress up its decoration, especially during large events such as weddings, birthdays or christenings.

Which placemat to choose?

You will indeed find a wide choice of placemat among our catalog. The color, the shape as well as the patterns are criteria of choice which can have their importance in order to marry them at best in your living space and in particular in your kitchen. Generally, this table linen must be of the same shape as the object that will be on top of it, in order to preserve a generic look.

For a baroque look, you can also break the lines with a placemat of a different shape.

When it comes to color, you're free! A white, beige or black placemat for a more sober decoration, or a colorful placemat to warm up the room and give a touch of color to your table.