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Macrame Shelf

Maddy Macrame ShelfMaddy Macrame Shelf
Maddy Macrame Shelf
Macrame Wall Shelf AmberMacrame Wall Shelf Amber
Macrame Wall Shelf Amber
Macrame Wall Shelf LouiseMacrame Wall Shelf Louise
Macrame Wall Shelf Louise
Callie Macrame ShelfCallie Macrame Shelf
Callie Macrame Shelf
Macrame Shelf ChrisMacrame Shelf Chris
Macrame Shelf Chris

A macramatic tag; for an original wall decoration in a boho style

A macramatic tag is the dé coration wall allowing you to highlight your decorative items in an original way, in a style boho very trendy today. The materials used such as cotton or wool allow this suspension to bring a natural side to your living space participating in a "green" touch.

Or hang my macram tag?

Thanks to its wired hanging system, this macram tag can be hung on any of your wall sections as long as a nail can be hammered into it. The tagère in Macrame is a charming asset in a living room! It allows for a splash of color, depending on the shade of rope you choose. It also allows you to give relief and texture to your interior.

The tag can also be hung outside, in your garden room without any problems as long as the storage furniture is not exposed to moisture.

An environmentally friendly weave made from natural materials.

The weaving of the rope on this Macrame tag is meticulously handcrafted to give you a unique, planet-friendly wall hanging. As for the tag, it is made of high quality real oak.

How do I maintain my macrame tag?

To maintain this interior decoration if maintenance is to take place, simply wipe the rope with a dry cloth to remove the dust. You can also wash this creative by hand, with warm water, without any problem. Only, we do not advise you to wash the yarn Ă  machine due to the fact that cotton and wool materials are relatively fragile.

Is the rope on this wall tag strong?

YES! The macramatic ropes are securely knotted together using a double knot weaving technique. In addition, the yarns of wool and cotton are of good quality and have been designed to withstand heavy loads. Your knick-knacks will therefore be able to be displayed in complete safety! In addition, the stand or wall shelf is made of real wood.