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Macrame Hanging Chair, Hammock & Swing

Double Macrame HammockDouble Macrame Hammock
Double Macrame Hammock
$94.90 $109.99 -13%
White Macrame HammockWhite Macrame Hammock
White Macrame Hammock
Starting at $69.90
Black Macramé HammockBlack Macramé Hammock
Black Macramé Hammock
Starting at $79.90
Macrame Bohemian Hanging ChairMacrame Bohemian Hanging Chair
Macrame Bohemian Hanging Chair
$89.90 $99.99 -10%
Macrame Hammock CatMacrame Hammock Cat
Macrame Hammock Cat
Black Macrame Hanging ChairBlack Macrame Hanging Chair
Black Macrame Hanging Chair
Macrame Hanging Chairs ColorsMacrame Hanging Chairs Colors
Macrame Hanging Chairs Colors
Macrame Hanging Swing ChairMacrame Hanging Swing Chair
Macrame Hanging Swing Chair
Nordic Macrame Hanging ChairNordic Macrame Hanging Chair
Nordic Macrame Hanging Chair
$59.90 $69.99 -14%
Macrame Fringe Hanging SwingMacrame Fringe Hanging Swing
Macrame Fringe Hanging Swing

Find our most beautiful hammocksand hanging chairs made of Macrame for an interior boho that's as surprising as it is stunning. Increasingly in vogue, macram balançoires have become a staple in the Nordic and boho déme.

Where do you go to get your hammock and armchair Macrame ?

The advantage of a macram hanging chair or a hamac is that it fits perfectly when it is hung in ext; rieur in your garden or on your balcony, than in intraacute;rieur where it will give a bohemian and delicate touch that will surprise you without a doubt.

Outdoors whether in your garden, on your balcony or terrace you can choose a place calm and bright, protected from the sun especially if you plan to relax for long hours in summer season. Stretch your hammock between two trees or two structures on your balcony or terrace for a charming and refined result.

If you opt for a balcony or a macramé hanging chair, we recommend hanging it from a sufficiently sturdy branch of a tree in your garden if the height allows. This will give an incomparable natural appeal to your installation. Hang it from the roof of your deck or balcony, providing a quiet, shady spot.

To improve the utility and comfort of your suspension, consider leaving a fairly tight space between the ground and your seating so as to make it easily accessible for the little ones and the big ones.


If you're looking to create a cocooning space for yourself from the detached and quiet you'll find everything you're looking for in terms of a macram hanging chair. Spend long hours resting, reading a book watching your scifi or prerecorded movie, all while contributing to a bohemian and natural decoration that will sublimate your tenting moments.

It all depends on your desires and preferences in terms of design, seating and comfort. If you are still hesitating, ask yourself how much space you want to have and what supports you have in your home. If you want to move a corner into the corner of a room then you can opt for a balcony or hanging chair. If you want to move a larger space between two walls or two columns, in the middle of a room or near a wall and a window, then the macramatic hammock may be a better solution.