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Macrame Bracelet

Color Macrame BraceletColor Macrame Bracelet
Color Macrame Bracelet
$8.90 $9.90 -10%
Macrame Jasper Beads BraceletMacrame Jasper Beads Bracelet
Macrame Jasper Beads Bracelet
$19.90 $24.99 -20%
Macrame Howlite Beads BraceletMacrame Howlite Beads Bracelet
Macrame Howlite Beads Bracelet
Macramé Bracelet BicolorMacramé Bracelet Bicolor
Macramé Bracelet Bicolor
$6.90 $9.90 -30%
Macrame Green Onyx Beads BraceletMacrame Green Onyx Beads Bracelet
Macrame Green Onyx Beads Bracelet
Red Onyx Beads Macrame BraceletRed Onyx Beads Macrame Bracelet
Red Onyx Beads Macrame Bracelet
Macrame Amethyst Beads BraceletMacrame Amethyst Beads Bracelet
Macrame Amethyst Beads Bracelet
Macrame Twisted BraceletMacrame Twisted Bracelet
Macrame Twisted Bracelet
Macrame Shell and Pearl BraceletMacrame Shell and Pearl Bracelet
Macrame Shell and Pearl Bracelet
Macrame Heart BraceletMacrame Heart Bracelet
Macrame Heart Bracelet
Macramé Bracelet with PearlsMacramé Bracelet with Pearls
Macramé Bracelet with Pearls
$15.90 $19.90 -20%
Macrame Bracelet with StoneMacrame Bracelet with Stone
Macrame Bracelet with Stone
Macrame Heart Bracelet with StoneMacrame Heart Bracelet with Stone
Macrame Heart Bracelet with Stone
Macrame Dream Catcher BraceletMacrame Dream Catcher Bracelet
Macrame Dream Catcher Bracelet
Macrame Bracelet 2 ColorsMacrame Bracelet 2 Colors
Macrame Bracelet 2 Colors
Macrame Tree of Life BraceletMacrame Tree of Life Bracelet
Macrame Tree of Life Bracelet

The most beautiful Friendship Bracelets: the Macram Bracelet;

Looking for a great gift for a friend or loved one with sentimental value? The macram bracelets are perfect.

You can combine several bracelets of all colors.

These are resistant bracelets going in the water because they are fabric bracelets.

Our bracelets can be worn on the wrist as well as the ankle. We have composed for you batches of several bracelets or bracelets by the unit.

Boho accessory par excellence: The Macram Bracelet

These are the accessories that give all the style of an outfit. Thus, you can opt for a bracelet combination to accentuate your boho style. Our bracelets can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

In addition to being a hippie-chic accessory, some of our bracelets are lucky bracelets.In fact, you must make a wish when you start wearing your bracelet. The wish will be fulfilled when the bracelet breaks.

Colorful fabric jewelry: the macramic bracelet

We have a very large collection of bracelet of different colors. You are bound to find your happiness with this infinite> combinations.

For matching jewelry, you can also opt for necklaces.

Macram bracelet: dress up your legs this summer.

The beautiful days are back! Sublimate your legs and feet with ankle jewelry.Our jewelry is water resistant which will always allow you to swim. We offer kits with sets of Macrame or bracelets in unité. For more contrast, do not hesitate to opt for several different bracelets.