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Macrame Lamp Shade

Macramé Hanging LightMacramé Hanging Light
Macramé Hanging Light
$109.90 $119.99 -8%
Macramé Pompon Shade
Macramé Pompon Shade
Bohemian Macrame Hanging lampsBohemian Macrame Hanging lamps
Bohemian Macrame Hanging lamps
Starting at $89.90
Macrame Drum Hanging ShadeMacrame Drum Hanging Shade
Macrame Drum Hanging Shade
Macrame Double Drum ShadeMacrame Double Drum Shade
Macrame Double Drum Shade
Macramé Pendant LightMacramé Pendant Light
Macramé Pendant Light
Macramé Pompom Lighting
Macramé Pompom Lighting
$69.90 $79.99 -12%
Macramé Bohemian Light FixtureMacramé Bohemian Light Fixture
Macramé Bohemian Light Fixture
Macramé Spiral ShadeMacramé Spiral Shade
Macramé Spiral Shade
Macrame Fringe ShadeMacrame Fringe Shade
Macrame Fringe Shade
$54.90 $59.90 -8%

Did you think that Macramestopped at wall hangings and pendant lights for your plants? Well, no, the magic of Macrame operates especially through beautiful shades that will transform your home into a real cocooning and chalant space. DĂ©cover our range of macram lampshades and take the boho d&eacute even further.


The Macram light fixture is distinguished by its elegant and elegant appearance, which immediately imparts a sense of soothing and softness in the room where you hang it. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it provides a softened and tamish light that will leave you speechless. Ideal for creating a comforting and romantic ambiance in your bedroom or living room.

The Macrame light fixture is ideal if you're looking to impress your guests at a wedding or any festivity in the boho spirit. Suspended from the ceiling, the macramac lampshade and its relishable cotton threads will make the atmosphere all the more natural.


Passion Macram; offers a selection of macram lampshades of different sizes and shapes. If you are looking for a size ceiling light for your living room or dining room, you can turn to our splendid bohos suspension lights or our pendant light.

If you're looking to create a cocooning and chalant atmosphere in your bedroom, we invite you to cover our macramac lampshade; twisted or our hanging tassel lampshades.