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Macrame Rug

Macramé Fringe Jute Fiber RugMacramé Fringe Jute Fiber Rug
Macramé Fringe Jute Fiber Rug
Starting at $24.90
Macrame Bohemian Fringe RugMacrame Bohemian Fringe Rug
Macrame Bohemian Fringe Rug
$54.90 $59.99 -8%
Bohemian Fringe Round RugsBohemian Fringe Round Rugs
Bohemian Fringe Round Rugs
Small Macrame Fringe Cotton RugsSmall Macrame Fringe Cotton Rugs
Small Macrame Fringe Cotton Rugs
Bohemian Fringed Rectangular RugsBohemian Fringed Rectangular Rugs
Bohemian Fringed Rectangular Rugs
Starting at $36.40

The rug, a must-have for dressing up your interior floor and giving more comfort to your bedroom, living room, office or bathroom. Looking for a rug to complement your boho decor? Choose one of our beautiful macram carpet! 


We offer Macrame fringe carpets and inspired by the boho style in order to create a natural and enchanting atmosphere in all the rooms of your home. At Passion Macrame you will find round and rectangular Macrame rugs in various colors and patterns. It's up to you to decide which shape of rug would best suit your space. If you want to fill a rather circular space between a sofa and armchairs opt for a round macram carpet that you will arrange in the center of your living room under your coffee table for example.

If the space you're looking to fill is the one in front of your sofa that overlooks your television or a French door, a rectangular macram rug may be more suitable. Our small rectangular rugs are also perfect for placing at the foot of a glass door to the outside as an indoor doormat.

Where to place your carpet?"

The advantage of the carpet is that it can be stretched in any room of your home except the kitchen. Give some charm to your room by opting for a rug in descente de lit, placed at the foot of the bed it will give an inégalable charm à your room. In particular, it will allow you to enjoy the comfort of putting your feet on a rug à the exit of the bed, especially if your floor is a little cold in winter.

If you wish to acquire a macram carpet for your living room, your office or the center of your room, we recommend you choose one of larger size. Free to arrange the carpet as you wish, at the foot of your sofa, under the coffee table in your living room, or in the center of a desk or a tent room. The comfort of a rug makes all the more sense in rooms where you have tiles.

The macram rug; can especially blend beautifully with your bathroom. A jute fiber rug will give a remarkable natural and bohemian look if it is placed at the foot of your sink for example.