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Macrame Coasters

Macramé Coaster TasariaMacramé Coaster Tasaria
Macramé Coaster Tasaria
Macramé Coaster LolliMacramé Coaster Lolli
Macramé Coaster Lolli
Macramé Coaster ShadayMacramé Coaster Shaday
Macramé Coaster Shaday
Macramé Coaster KappiMacramé Coaster Kappi
Macramé Coaster Kappi
Starting at $11.99

Macramatic Coasters; to best protect your tables

We have created a collection of natural fiber coasters for you. With braiding, we can create a multitude of shapes and colors.

Coasters are a good alternative to plastic tablecloths, which are certainly practical, but much less aesthetically pleasing than matching placemats and coasters.

For your winter tastes: macramac coasters for your hot chocolates

To avoid stains on your tables, it is idéal to have coasters. So, to have some with a cute design and with natural materials, opt for macram coasters.

You can also succumb to our beautiful macram plaids.

Macram coasters for cute details in your dining room

In fact, you can use these coasters in other ways. You can put them under a beautiful candle or a nice vase on a dresser. This little detail will make all the difference and will protect your furniture as well.

Freely run your imagination!"