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Macrame Beads

Orchid Macrame Bead 6mm 40mmOrchid Macrame Bead 6mm 40mm
Orchid Macrame Bead 6mm-40mm
Macrame Bead Cataleya 12mm 100mmMacrame Bead Cataleya 12mm 100mm
Macrame Bead Cataleya 12mm-100mm

A panel of Beads to create your own Macrame pieces

You can find on our store a set of beads of different shapes, different colors and different sizes. With our wooden beads, of all diameters, you will create your own macrams ranging from a small piece to the largest creation.

Free your creativity with Atelier Macram beads!

Macrame beads for all your DIY Macrame

Do you need beads in large quantities; ranging from small (6mm) to large diameters (100mm) for your Macrames? Atelier Macrame is the one for you.

To make recirculating catches, we offer you wooden rings of different sizes for all your creations.

Macram beads: wide choice of beads of different materials, colors and shapes

We offer you mostly wooden beads for your macrams but also colored beads to meet all your desires.

In fact, for a Macrame with bead, nothing better than beads from Atelier Macrame.